January 9

Taking Diabetes to College
Workshop for those with diabetes who are ready to go off to college and how to manage their diabetes while at school

Patient and Family

Topics will include:

• Staying in control: Good diabetes management.

• Adjusting to dorm life (roommates, cafeteria, health office).

• Diabetes supplies checklist.

• Sick day management away from home.

• Drugs, alcohol & sex safety.

• Q & A with current college students who have diabetes.

RSVP: Please call Jennie Preval at 212-851-5364 or email at jm206@columbia.edu

Nutrition, Insulin Action, Energy Balance
Robert Eckel, MD - University of Colorado, Denver

Faculty and Staff

Please join us for our next Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center Conference. 

SPEAKER:          Robert Eckel, MD - University of Colorado, Denver

TOPIC:                “Nutrition, Insulin Action, Energy Balance"

DATE:                 Thursday, January 9

TIME:                  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

LOCATION:        Russ Berrie Pavilion, 1st Floor, Conference Room 2