50 Acts of Kindness:
7th Grader Makes a Donation to the Berrie Center

BraceletMany thanks to 7th grader Katelyn D. for the unique gift she gave the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, where she has been a patient since her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at the age of 3.

Recently, Katelyn, now age 12, made an important donation to the Berrie Center by presenting $50 to her pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Mary Pat Gallagher—one dollar for each of the friendship bracelets she made and sold to her classmates. Her donation was made in appreciation of the care she receives at the Berrie Center.

After making her first batch of bracelets over summer vacation, “everybody who saw one, wanted one,” recalled Katelyn, who is in the band at Wagner Middle School in New York. “It’s such a good cause,” Dr. Gallagher said, “I am touched that Katelyn thought of donating to the Berrie Center. It is inspiring that someone so young would want to sacrifice something of her own for the good of other people.”

Katelyn’s mother, credits the Berrie Center for the good health that has allowed her daughter’s generous spirit to grow. “We just love the Berrie Center, we think it’s wonderful,” she said. Added Katelyn, “Sometimes I’m not entirely happy that I have diabetes, but I think I handle it pretty well. I’m grateful for that.”

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