Berrie Center's December 2013 E-Newsletter

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This month's Features include:

  • Research in A Rare Form of Diabetes
  • Philipp Scherer, PhD, Receives 2013 Naomi Berrie Award at the 15th Annual Frontiers in Diabetes Research Conference
  • A Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes Connects a Child to Her Rich Family History
  • A Message for Travelers with Insulin Pumps: Call "TSA CARES" for Help
  • 50 Acts of Kindness: 7th Grader Makes a Donation to the Berrie Center
  • Type 1 Diabetes and Child Neglect: Berrie Center Clinicians Present to Juvenile Rights Lawyers in Brooklyn
  • A Grant From the Banting Foundation Brings a Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes One Step Closer to Clinical Trials

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